Estimating and Budgeting

  • Estimation and Budgeting
    • Estimation and budgeting can be difficult and extremely time-consuming as it can often be challenging to find essential products keeping time restrictions of deliverability for a project to project. When each proposal consists of repetitive tasks, such as copying and pasting, as well as locating necessary products, it can easily lead to overlooked equipment needs and underestimated labor time resulting in confusion and lack of support for the project. Furthermore, without proper project estimation, proposals may be incomplete and inaccurate. It can also be difficult to determine budget adherence per project accurately. Allocated time per project phase can be under-estimated and common project materials, such as small items like wire connectors, can be overlooked, and when tallied up can potentially result in significant job cost escalation. Implementing a systems integration software solution such as IAD SI can help to minimize the risk of rough cost estimation to micro-level with the creation of fast, accurate proposals and enable projects to stay on budget. All pricing and product data-driven from a centralized, highly dedicated secured database an updated continuously database—where all the information is readily accessible only to allow end-user with the level of authentication. System designers and internal teams can dramatically reduce the time it takes to research products for proposals, which in turn provides everyone the ability to react to requests more quickly thereby ensuring the best chance to complete additional projects

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