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IAD works closely with industry leaders to bring fully soft service solution to system integrators working with automated systems in the residential and commercial environments. We bring simplicity yet efficient solutions to the customer looking to utilize automation products while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

IAD is at the forefront of the emerging systems integration and automation field. We enable individuals to leverage technology and take full control of the systems in their home or commercial building. Diversifying, independent systems such as HVAC, lighting, A/V, CCTV and locks and windows controlled from a single device provided with one-touch customizable interface access through a laptop, touch screens or even your cellphone. Better monitoring and control also allows for greater efficiency, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. The control system can even be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world.

IAD is your one-stop-shop for consulting and soft service for a system integrator that supports many different product platforms with simplicity and ease in a fast and professional way. With the ever-changing market and the push for digital communication for home and commercial environments, IAD has been a pioneer in the ever-changing market. The change from analog to digital has allowed IAD to pursue projects globally actively and achieved top class designs, engineering, and maintains world-class systems.

Being in an industry for 25 years, IAD has gained a lot of experience in how to provide turnkey solutions that are up to date, professional, high quality, and cost-effective systems to their customers.


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ISD Integrated Systems Design

Robert Cole formed ISD as a system integration company in Minneapolis.   ISD went on to deliver 100 projects over the next 12 years.


New partner

ISD name changed to IAD Integrated Automation Design and new partner with connection to Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia

IAD sign a contract to develop a system integration company in Saudi Arabia.  IAD would have ACE operations up and running in 6 months.


ACE Automation Control & Energy System.

IAD work with Saudi partner to develop new buisness for ACE.



IAD & ACE would go on to deliver dozens of projects, and also land one of the biggest projects to date.  The Atturaif Museum would be a 20 million dollar contract.


Design and Engineering

IAD opens up a new design and engineering company to support other companies on larger projects around the world.