Project Managment

Project management is the most critical aspect of a system integration because it’s the framework that helps determine the overall success. Unfortunately, due to disorganization, it is often implemented improperly, which results in an inaccurate timeline and cost tracking that can waste valuable resources, which could be used to complete projects according to plan. Utilizing IAD project scheduling, resource management, and powerful reporting capabilities can help ensure that the job is delivered on time and within budget. SI facilitates project management by improving communication between not only you and the client but also with internal team members, external contractors, and all the stakeholders. SI makes it easy to assign tasks to internal installation and programming teams, schedule those tasks in a master project calendar, that automatically communicate those via email, task, or via the powerful cloud-based Mobile Install feature. SI allows you to track labor tasks, installations, and resource scheduling by generating a project work order. SI also provides functionality for creating and managing Service Orders for projects. Consistent use and tracking of work orders, used in conjunction with SI’s new online project scheduling and resource management tools, help improve product-based labor estimates’ accuracy over time. IAD also can report critical project and product information across multiple projects. These services will allow you to provide your team with a robust Business Intelligence engine to drive visual reports and dashboards of key performance indicators. Besides, IAD makes it easy to create customized visual reports and dashboards to understand the essential elements of business activities such as personal performance assessment, vendor engagement, product usage, and more.

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