• Custom Integration:
    • Custom Integration is all about building complex systems to simplify everyday tasks. IAD understand that due to the availability of a lot of different brands and options makes it complicated for the customer to decide what they are looking for. Because of that, IAD will provide detail walk through and make it very easy and understandable that helps the customer in making the right choice according to their needs. IAD includes step by step presentation on a purchase, installation, and maintenance of these systems to our customers to achieve their integration goals. Starting from our very first meeting, IAD makes customer service our top priority for the lifetime of your system.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency Through a Data-Driven Process
    • In today’s challenging commercial markets, the typical project for technology managers contains a combination of several technologies. Bringing all together audio/video, automation, lighting, access control, telecommunication, and networking into various environments, including higher education, corporate, and IT settings. Technology managers need to understand how these diverse technologies can work together to create a cohesive, easy-to-use system for them and their clients. IAD will explain the three different areas of the systems integration process that is facing potential pitfalls, and how implementing a reliable, data-driven solution such as IAD System Integrator (SI) can help overcome them. Estimation and Budgeting, System Design, Implementation, and Project Management —all crucial to the systems integration process—are often managed separately or not at all. However, when these project phases are managed with a software application and dynamically linked together by-product data, the benefits become immediately apparent for internal and external teams. IAD enables you to document and manage technology as well as the equipment utilized in commercial facilities of any size, to raise a preset alarm to prevent issues before they start.
  •  IAD data-driven solution improves on all areas of your business:
    • Estimation and Budgeting: Generate fast, accurate, detailed documentation ensuring precise, equipment needs, and labor time.
    • Engineering: Generate stunning in-depth system designs through integrated Visio or AutoCAD.
    • Project Management: Close coordination with your team from any device to deliver the job on-time and to budget.
    • Reporting: From instant task completion reports to daily, weekly and monthly report to show the fast track achievements in very transparent way.

Some of our service :

  •  Finance / Labor
  • Engineering
  • Project Planning - Consulting
  • Content Development

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