Paint Your Door

LM/EAM/30 ‐ Paint Your Door
Exhibit Type: Interactive
Audio Sync Type: Feedback

Server Room: SER 03 ‐ Traditional Architecture

This interactive exhibit utilizes a standard spec PC located in the server room. An HDMI/KVM/Audio extender pair
carries the video and USB signal via CAT6 to/from the 21” Touch Screen built into casework. An additional HDMI
extender pair carries signal from the second graphics port on the PC to a Panasonic 80” LCD. An on-screen keyboard
will allow guests to email finished door designs. The PC has a network connection to the network switch to allow
content to be loaded from remote locations.

Feedback audio is required for this interactive to reinforce the decision‐making nature of the experience and is
provided through a 2” loudspeaker and local 6-watt amplifier mounted in the casework adjacent to the

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