Atturaif Museum Projection Mapping

Salwa palace Sound and light Show for the Historical Addir'iyah Development program, at Turaif district, the first capital of Saudis, Diriyah site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.


Salwa  Sound & Light Show
Sound & Light Show ‐
Exhibit Type: Projection Video Playback
Audio Sync Type: Frame Sync
Server Room: AV Room 2 ‐ VRC

This video presentation utilizes a 7th Sense twelve channel video server located in the server room providing 4K HDMI signal to (12) Digital Projection 27k dual laser 4K, 3‐DLP projectors with (12) 1.65-2.60:1 zoom lenses.

The 12 images are blended and mapped utilizing software internal to the server.  The server has a network connection to the network switch located in the server room for control of player functions including clip selection, scheduling and stop/start via the Master Controller.

The network connection also allows content to be loaded to the player from remote locations. Additional network connections to the projectors provides control of the projector functions and can provide status feedback from the projector to the Master Controller. (5.1) channels of audio for the presentation are sourced from the video server via Danta and routed through a card frame located in AV Room 2, connected via network to the Core 510i located in SER 17.

Additionally (3) wireless microphone systems including handheld transmitters and receivers located in the rack are provided for live presenters.  Outputs from the Qsys DSP are routed through the CobraNet card via a 5.1 channel to all the Renkus-Heinz speakers. Output cards in the DSP CobraNet card frame feed on onboard amplifiers located in the speakers. channels feeding (6) Renkus-Heinz Dual 15” subwoofers distributed under the left and right arrays (4) Renkus‐Heinz trapezoidal speaker arrays located on the wall behind the viewing area in architecturally appropriate surrounds designed by an architect. A Left line array is located on or near the wall adjacent to the Salwa façade while Center and Right line arrays are located below appropriate sections of the Salwa Walkway. Each line array consists of (10) Renkus‐Heinz outdoor‐rated, 2‐way, self‐powered loudspeaker elements.  The show timeline, capable of triggering audio and special effects as well as other show elements will be sourced from the 7th Sense server, as will a timecode feed to be provided to the show lighting controller.