Al Ajrab Sword

SH4 – Al Ajrab Sword

Exhibit Type: LCD Video Playback
Audio Sync Type: MOS
Server Room: AV 15 ‐ Salwa Palace AV Room


This video presentation utilizes a Brightsign 4K video Player feeding UHD signal to (9) NEC 46” Ultra‐Narrow Bezel LCD Panels. See attached study AV09.2A.03 for panel layout. Video signal and control is looped through each flat panel and scaling software built into the panels maps the content across all screens. The player has a network
connection to the network switch located in the server room. This network connections allows control of the player functions including clip selection, scheduling and stop/start via the Master Controller. The network connections also allows content to be loaded to the player from remote locations.

There was no audio required for this exhibit.