Traditional Architecture (Airflow)

1.4.4SS/L ‐ Traditional Architecture (Airflow)

Exhibit Type: Projection Video Playback
Audio Sync Type: Close Sync
Server Room: SER 03 ‐ Traditional Architecture

This video presentation utilizes (2) 7th Sense Nano video servers feeding 1080p HDMI signal local to (2) Digital Projection 5,600 Lumen 1‐DLP projector with 0.28:1 fixed focal length lenses. See attached projection study AV09.10.01 for details of projector location and image size. The two images are blended in the center utilizing software provided by the video servers.  The players have network connection allowing content to be loaded to the player from remote locations and control of the server functions including clip selection, scheduling and stop/start via the Master Controller. An additional network connection to the projector provides control of the projector functions and can provide status feedback from the projector to the Master Controller.
A motion sensor located in the ceiling will provide a closure to a Moxa Ethernet to IO control device located in the server room. The control device will transmit a message to the AMX Master controller which will in turn trigger show playback from the DSP.
Audio associated with this exhibit is provided by (1) channels of QSC Multi‐Track Playback to (1) DSP outputs in the server room. The output speaker‐level audio channels feed (1) QSC 6” Loudspeaker mounted from the ceiling in front of the casework. Exact location and mounting method shall be detailed on layout drawings.