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VRC‐01 ‐ Media Wall Interactives


Exhibit Type: LCD Video Playback
Audio Sync Type:
Server Room: SER 17 ‐ VRC

This videowall utilizes seventy‐two (72) LG 47” Ultra‐Narrow Bezel panels in a 3 x 4 configuration.  Video content will be sourced from (6) 7th Sense Infinity media servers, each providing (3) DisplayPort outputs capable of UHD (3840x2160px) resolution. Each UHD output will then be routed through a Datapath FX‐4
DisplayPort to HDMI image processor. Each of the (18) Datapath processors will manage groups of (4) displays providing pixel to pixel resolution on each screen. Processors will be co‐located at or near each target display.  Because of the proximity of the display processors to the physical displays, no signal extenders are required.

Exhibit Type: Interactive
Audio Sync Type: MOS
Server Room: SER 17 – VRC

These (6) interactive exhibits operate individually or as a group to populate the Media Wall. Each interactive utilizes a premium spec PC with an upgraded NVIDIA UHD multi‐port graphics card located in the server room. An HDMI/KVM/Audio extender pair carries the video from one port of each graphics card and USB signal via CAT6 to/from the 21” Touch Screen built into casework below the Media Wall.  An additional (2) UHD signals from each graphics card is input into each of the (6) 7th Sense Design media server
“hosts” and internally processed for alpha‐channel overlay or embedding onto the media wall canvas.  Each PC has a network connection to the network switch in the server room to allow synchronization as well as content loading from remote locations